Anniversary Gifts

So your friend has been talking nonstop about the anniversary party she's going to host for her wedding anniversary with her beau, and she's invited you to the party. However, you've never been to an anniversary party before, and you don't really know her husband too well, so what sort of present should you get?

Well, there is actually a list of traditional presents for each anniversary that you should get, which can help you generate some anniversary gift ideas. For example, the traditional present for the first anniversary is paper, and for the 10th it is tin, or aluminum. For the 15th it is crystal, and for the 25th wedding anniversary gift and 50th wedding anniversary gift, the traditional present is silver and gold, respectively.

This list of gifts has recently been revised, to reflect a more modern sensibility. For instance, the first wedding anniversary modern gift theme is clocks, while the fifth is silverware and the 10th is diamond jewelry. However, these gifts can easily become very expensive, so of course you're free to get whatever present you'd like.

Don't feel pressured to follow tradition and get a present you think the bride and groom may not enjoy or find useful. If you know what kind of people they are, and have an idea for a non-traditional present, then go for it – the gift will likely be much more meaningful to them. Try to be personal and creative, to give them a more unique anniversary gift.

If you don't want to go the traditional route, you can also get flowers for the celebrating couple. There are traditional flowers for wedding anniversaries, and these are often given either as the present, or as part of the present. Sometimes, couples receive entire potted plants that grow the traditional flower they are celebrating, which is a great idea. Plants are refreshing, and are usually welcome in any home.

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