Anniversary Party

Do you have a wedding anniversary party coming up? Whether the anniversary theme is wood or gold, a party is a great way to show appreciation to your spouse for sticking with you for any length of time. Generally, parties are celebrated for anniversaries on the fives – the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. The biggest parties are thrown for the silver anniversary (25th) and the golden anniversary (50th).

Wedding Anniversary Party Themes

The first thing that you want to do is to select a theme for your party. The theme will provide some ideas for the decorations and attire of both the husband and wife. Some couples choose to have a luau, or go on a cruise. While this is not quite a party idea, it's a great way to relax and it's something special to do on the anniversary that will surprise your significant other.

There are many other theme ideas you can try, such as a Mexican-themed fiesta or a formal ballroom style party. You could also try other themes like Mardi Gras, Hollywood, rock and roll, or a swing party. Depending on what kind of mood you'd like at your party, the theme (if you want one) is entirely up to you.

Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations

You set the tone for your anniversary party with the invitations that you send out, so don't skimp and don't overlook even small details. Certain anniversaries are an extra big deal, and sending out unique golden anniversary invitations (or invitations that are specific to whatever anniversary you're celebrating) will really let your guests know that they should expect a memorable party.

In the interests of saving money and time, many couples now make their own invitations online, with the help of a few card-making websites. These are easy to find; simply type in "make invitations" on a search engine.

Wedding Anniversary Party Entertainment

If you are hosting a party, make sure you have refreshments and / or catering planned ahead of time. You may also want to have some party games ready, though which games you play depends on the people you've invited. If your group of invitees all know each other (e.g., co-workers or relatives), then you can play games that involve lots of talking and familiarity with others in the room. However, if your guests are relative strangers, then some icebreakers will be necessary.

When the party is over, don't forget to thank your guests with an anniversary party favor for each of them (make sure you have these ready ahead of time). If you have prepared food, games and favors, then you are well on your way to having an excellent wedding anniversary party!

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