Bridal Showers

A Cherished Event for the Bride

During a bridal shower the bride's closest friends and family come together for an afternoon of fun, laughter and games which involve embarrassing the bride! All amusement aside, the bridal shower is meant to help the bride prepare for the big day. Yes, bridal gifts are given to get the bride off to a good start in married life. But more importantly, a bridal shower is the last opportunity the bride's loved ones can get together for one relaxing moment before the wedding. More often than not the bridal shower helps the bride prepare emotionally and mentally for her wedding day.

The bridal shower is normally hosted by the bridal party. With so many bridal shower ideas to choose from the bridesmaids (or other hosts) are sure to throw a shower the bride will never forget!

In return for their generosity bridal shower guests are given bridal shower favors as a token of thanks and a memento of the day.

For all that a bridal shower is an appreciated and cherished event for the bride, the bachelorette party is equally important. Bridal showers tend to the formal side, while a bachelorette party is about letting loose and having fun! Although it can involve a trip to a Chippendale strip club the essence of a bachelorette party is female bonding.

The bachelor party serves the same purpose for the groom. He and his closest friends spend a wild evening out drinking, partying and visiting strip clubs. Although bachelor parties have a reputation for rowdiness most grooms are content to behave themselves when it matters - and can marry their beautiful wife with a clear conscious.

As hosting a wedding is very expensive more couples are having stag and doe parties to offset the costs. Money is raised through ticket sales. In return for the money guests are treated to a fun night of dancing, drinking and games of chance. More importantly they can rest assured that their money will be used by the couple to help pay for their wedding or honeymoon.

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