Bachelor Parties

Boys' Night Out

Traditionally, the bachelor party was a formal black tie dinner hosted by the groom's closest family and friends. Today, bachelor parties are decidedly less formal and certainly more boisterous!

Although some bachelor parties are devoted to adult entertainment, that's not really its purpose. The bachelor party is an opportunity for the groom and his closest male family and friends to simply unwind and enjoy a moment of celebration and camaraderie before the wedding. In fact, the bachelor party could be considered a much deserved "breather" in the hectic pace leading-up to and during the wedding day.

For the groom who'd rather forego the adult entertainment style of bachelor party, there's countless other ways for the guys to get together:

Go to the game: book box seats at a baseball, football or basketball game. Order some drinks and cheer on the team - perfect for the sports fan groom.

Have a ball: instead of watching the game, how about playing one instead? Whether it's softball, football, basketball or even paintball, choose a game that can be enjoyed by all, especially the groom. After everyone's worked up a good sweat take the gang out for pizza and beer.

Hit the links: play 18 holes of golf followed by dinner and drinks.

Road trip: plan an adventurous or relaxing weekend away with just the guys. Go on a camping trip and rough it in the woods. Hit the slopes for some weekend skiing; complete with chalet. Charter a fishing boat for some quiet time on the water.

Poker night: plan a poker night in someone's house or a hotel. Rent poker tables, set up a buffet table and bar and gamble the night away! You could set up a rule that half of the winnings go to the groom - it's your call.

No matter where you decide to host the bachelor party, here are some tips to ensure it goes off without a hitch:

  • Ask the groom where he wants to go or what he wants to do.
  • Don't have the bachelor party the night before the wedding.
  • Keep the guest list short and invite only the groom's closest friends or family; prohibit open-ended invitations (where friends invite other friends).
  • Restrict dangerous activities; a broken arm or leg would put a real damper on the wedding festivities.
  • Be considerate of the bride; despite what you may think, she will hear about any inappropriate or immature behavior (especially if adult entertainment is involved).
  • Drink responsibly; have a designated driver or plan to use taxis or public transportation.
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