Bridal Shower Favors

Favors for Bridal Shower Guests

Just like wedding guest favors bridal shower favors are given as a memento and token of thanks to the guest.

If the bridal shower has a set theme the bridal shower favors should reflect that same theme. If there isn't a theme, anything goes. Bridal shower favors needn't be elaborate or expensive. After all, these same guests will be attending the wedding where more favors will also be given. Although the bridal shower is officially hosted by the maid of honor, and not the bride, the bridal shower favor should reflect the personality and taste of the bride.

Here is a general list of various bridal shower favors. Some will suit the bridal shower's theme perfectly, while others may be a hint of the wedding to come. Either way, the bridal shower favor should be a thoughtful gift from the heart.

  • Spa bath items: bubble baths, bath oils, scented talcs and scented lotions
  • Exotic teas: variety packages of quality teas
  • Small boxes of chocolates
  • Candles: scented votives in simple holders
  • Bud vases with silk flowers
  • Small bottles of wines or liquors
  • Wine glasses engraved with guest's names
  • Gourmet jelly beans: packaged in pretty colored organza bags
  • Picture frames: with pictures of the bride and each guest
  • Painted terracotta pots with packages of flower seeds
  • Mini rose bushes
  • Scented bath soaps complete with delicate glass soap dishes
  • Christmas ornaments: perfect for a bridal shower near Christmas
  • Gourmet coffees and coffee mugs
  • Bracelets: tasteful beaded bracelets (or silver if affordable)
  • Small houseplants in interesting pots
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