Ideas for Your Bridal Shower Games

Wedding Shower Games for Every Crowd

While bridal shower games are not required they make a great ice-breaker. Games give the guests the opportunity to relax and learn more about their fellow guests. It's also a great opportunity to have good natured fun at the bride's expense. Here are some of the more popular bridal shower games:

  1. Groom trivia: in this bridal shower game the bride is asked 20 questions to see how well she knows the groom. Questions can range from "what's his favorite color?" to more intimate questions such as "what's the groom's most meaningful childhood memory?"
  2. Toilet paper bride: each table at the bridal shower receives several rolls of toilet paper. The table of guests then designate a "bride" and uses the toilet paper to give the bride a dress. Guests can only use the toilet paper to "dress" the bride. The real bride then judges all the dresses and awards the winning group a small prize.
  1. Make-up the bride: have a variety of make-up on hand for the bridal shower. The bride sits in a chair in the center of the room. Ask for a volunteer. The volunteer is then blindfolded and directed on how to apply the make-up to the bride; "put lipstick on the bride"or "give her blush" etc. The results are messy, hilarious and make for great photos!
  2. Bride trivia: make up trivia cards in advance of the bridal shower for questions regarding the bride, "what was her first pet's name?", "how did she get the scar on her knee?" and so forth. Read the cards out to the guests. The guest that answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.
  3. The apron game: buy an apron and many kitchen utensils; be sure to include a couple of utensils that are less common. Attach the utensils to the apron. Have the bride wear the apron at the bridal shower for a few minutes walking around the room. Have the bride leave the room. The guests must then name as many of the utensils as possible. The guest with the most correct items wins a prize. The bride also gets to keep the apron and the utensils.
  4. Skirt tails: when the wedding shower guests arrive, clip a decorated clothes pin to the hem of their skirt or the bottom of their pants. The guests are informed they are not allowed to cross their legs. If they're caught crossing their legs (including their ankles) another guest can steal their clothes pin. The guest with the most clothes pins at the end of the bridal shower wins a prize. All the clothes pins are then given to the bride as keepsakes.
  5. Make a bouquet: gather simple construction materials such as tissue paper, construction paper and pipe cleaners and give the wedding shower guests one minute to create a bouquet. The hectic pace is often a lot of fun as guests scramble to create their "masterpiece". The bouquets are then judged by the bride and the winning bouquet is tossed by the bride. The winning bouquet designer and the guest that catches the bouquet are given a prize.
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