Bridal Shower Gifts

Shower the Bride With Gifts

The bridal registry is the first place guests should consider when purchasing bridal shower gifts. In fact, the purpose of the bridal registry is to let guests know exactly what items the couple need or want. It removes any guesswork on behalf of the guests. Guests should also consider asking the maid of honor or the bride's mother for gift ideas.

The bridal shower's theme will also help dictate the expected gifts. In most cases the bridal shower invitation will state exactly what type of gift to bring. For example in a lingerie bridal shower guests are expected to purchase lingerie for the bride. With a "24 hour" bridal shower guests bring gifts that the bride can use at different times of the day. So she could receive a bath robe, coffee maker and hair dryer for morning use; clothes, jewelry, hobby gifts and home office equipment for afternoon use; and movies, music or kitchen appliances for evening use.

Even if the bridal shower doesn't have a set theme the bridal shower gifts can still follow a theme. Here are a few suggestions:

Bath and body: all these gifts are intended for use in the bathroom or part of the bride's beauty routine: towels, shower curtain, manicure kit, perfume, fancy soaps, candles or shower radio.

Entertaining: these gifts are perfect for the bride that loves to play the hostess: wine racks, punch bowls, candy dishes, a cappuccino machine, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, fine wines or liquors, ice buckets, card tables and extra chairs.

Lawn and garden: gifts for the couple that are moving into a home with their first backyard: gardening tools, landscaping, wind chimes, bird feeders, fountains, whipper snipper, nursery gift certificates, patio furniture, sundial, plants and flowers.

Sports and hobbies: these gifts are great for "Jack and Jill" showers: camping gear, golf clubs and bag, home renovation supplies, power tools, sports equipment, painting supplies (paints, brushes, easel), music supplies (sheet music, music stand, CDs of their favorite musician) and collectibles.

China and silverware: these gifts are great for the couple just starting out or for those that like the finer things in life: china, crystal, silverware, silver serving tray, vases, candle holders, cocktail glasses and wine goblets.

Kitchen: more gifts for couples just starting out or the culinary bride: cookbooks, spices, tea kettle, coffeemaker (an toaster engraved with the couples name is very popular), juicer, grater, cast iron pots and pans, vegetable steamer, blender, wok, herbs, cooking oils and other kitchen accessories.

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