Bridal Shower Ideas

Great Shower Inspiration

It is common for the bridal shower to have a particular theme. The theme in turn dictates where the bridal shower is hosted and the bridal shower gifts. In particular the decorations can help set the theme of the bridal shower. Overall the bridal shower theme should reflect the personality and taste of the bride. As each bridal shower will be as unique as its guest of honor there is no one set bridal shower theme. Use your imagination - if you have no ideas here are some to get you started.

Afternoon tea bridal shower: host the bridal shower at a pretty bed and breakfast or a luxurious hotel that serves formal afternoon tea. Serve tiny sandwiches, scones, crumpets, jam, clotted cream and tea. Think crisp white tablecloths, fresh flowers in elegant vases and an overall air of refinement and sophistication. You can also incorporate tea into the bridal shower gifts; have the guests bring antique tea cups and saucers, silver teaspoons, china teapot or a silver serving tray.

Lingerie bridal shower: this type of bridal shower is still tasteful despite its "racy" theme. This shower is best held in someone's home to avoid any possible embarrassment. Decorate with striking white, black and silver. Place deep red roses on the tables. The lingerie is the only other decoration required. Guests each bring a piece of lingerie for the bride - perfect for the honeymoon!

Wine and cheese bridal shower: each guest brings two bottles of wine, one as a gift for the bride and the other to be shared during the shower. Cheese and crackers are also served. Decorate with dried vine wreaths, grape bunches, fresh flowers and candles inserted into old wine bottles. The overall impression should be of a charming Italian bistro. Consider giving guests a hand painted wine glass as their bridal shower favor.

Garden brunch bridal shower: if you have a large backyard garden a brunch can be a delightful bridal shower. Just don't host it too early; 11:00 is probably a safe time. Hang mini-lights on backyard shrub and place pastel colored table clothes over the tables. Scatter rose petals on the table clothes. Place a framed picture of the bride or groom on each table. Childhood photos are especially sweet. You won't need too many decorations as the garden itself is the main focus. Serve a continental breakfast, complete with fruit salad, muffins, bagels, pastries and mimosas (champagne and orange juice mixed together). Guests are invited to bring a gift of their choice. Favors can have a garden theme: from mini watering cans, to flower seeds, to trowels to a live mini rose bush or garden plaque with the bride's name engraved. Or perhaps, get the kits where you can create your own stepping stone and use it as a game.

Jack and Jill wedding shower: this shower includes men. A backyard barbeque is a great way to have a shower all can enjoy. Decorate with a mix of masculine and feminine touches: roses side by side with sports memorabilia or deep colors mixed with soft pastels. Games should likewise appeal to both sexes as well as taking advantage of the backyard. A limbo contest, horseshoe toss and a volleyball game are just some suggestions.

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