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Bridal showers are in essence gift-giving parties. The shower is seen as an opportunity for your friends, relatives and loved ones to congratulate you with a gift and contribute to your future together as husband and wife.

Bridal shower invitations can be purchased in packs at most stationary stores or card shops. This way you can choose the invitation background and wording that you like and add in the pertinent information - such as the bride's name, the date, location, directions, registry information and contact information. Bridal shower invitations can be created with decorative papers, stickers, specially chosen wording and fancy fonts right on your computer. In the day and age of computers it is also acceptable to create an electronic invitation and send it via email to your guests. However, you must keep in mind that some potential guests might not have email access.

Keep in mind that guests that attend your bridal shower or engagement party should always be invited to your wedding. Of course this isn't in regard to co-workers if they throw you a surprise shower at work, but your bridesmaids and mother should keep this in mind when throwing a shower on your behalf.

Guests to your bridal shower will be expectant of a wedding invitation because they've already given you a gift. Guests that were invited to your shower but excluded from your wedding will assume they were just invited as part of a gift grab operation.

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