How to Plan a Bridal Shower

Easy Shower Planning Tips

The bridal shower is an opportunity for the bride's closest family and friends to enjoy a relaxing moment with the bride before the big day.

The bridal shower is normally held within two months of the wedding; the latest it should be held is two weeks before the big day. The bridal shower is traditionally hosted by the maid of honor (it's often considered one the maid of honor responsibilities). However, it can also be hosted by sisters, aunts, cousins or close friends. According to etiquette it is poor taste for either of the mothers (especially the bride's mother) to host the bridal shower. Otherwise, anyone who wants to host it can!

That's it for the "rules" of hosting a bridal shower; everything else is completely open. If you've never attended a bridal shower or you need some ideas here is a general outline on how to plan a bridal shower.

  1. Create the guest list: the first thing to remember is that only those invited to the wedding should be invited to the bridal shower. To invite someone to the bridal shower but not the wedding is rude and inconsiderate. Otherwise invite anyone who would appreciate attending or the bride would like to include. If you need help creating the list ask the bridesmaids and the bride's family for assistance. This will be especially helpful for gathering contact information - a must when mailing the bridal shower invitations. If the groom's family doesn't know the bride very well include the words "Groom's (name) fiance" somewhere on the invitation.
  2. Create a theme: the bridal shower's theme will determine when and where the bridal shower is hosted. In particular the shower decorations go a long way in setting the theme. There are numerous bridal shower ideas as it pertains the theme and style; from a formal afternoon tea to a backyard barbeque.
  3. Food: the traditional fare of choice is finger food and hors d'oeuvres with a sheet cake for dessert. Usually a punch or wine is served. The cost of food can add up quickly, so have the entire bridal party contribute to the cost.
  4. Games: there are many bridal shower game ideas. They range from trivia games to silly (but entertaining) games involving toilet paper.
  5. Opening gifts: it is important to have someone keep track of the gifts the bride receives. That way when she sends out her thank you cards she'll know exactly who gave what gift. This can be a simple list recorded in a notebook or simply writing the item on the back of the gift's card.
  6. Distribute bridal shower favors: every guest of the bridal shower should receive a small token of thanks for their attendance. These bridal shower favors can range from simple to lavish.
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