Long-Distance Showers

How to Plan a Bridal Shower From Afar

It can be hard to plan a wedding shower for a bride whose family and friends are spread across the country or the continent. Though your loved-ones may be able to make it for your wedding day, many may not be able to attend your wedding shower. This is becoming a common predicament for brides and shower hostesses everywhere. Here are a few ideas on how to include your far-flung loved ones in your bridal shower.

A lovely way to conduct a long-distance shower is to contact the family and friends of the bride who cannot attend, and suggest a long-distance solution such as a bridal shower gift basket. Far-flung friends and family can send gift certificates, cards, and gifts (if they choose), to the shower hostess. The hostess can then assemble these items in a charming gift basket and present it to the bride at her local shower.

A second option, if it's logistically possible and not too overwhelming for the bride-to-be in the last hectic days before her wedding, is to have the shower a day or two before the wedding when long-distance guests will likely be in the area.

An emerging trend for the long-distance bride is a "brideless" wedding shower. Friends and family can still throw a shower; minus the bride. For brides planning their wedding from another country, this is an excellent option. Have guests arrive at the event with unwrapped gifts, so that the hostess can phone the bride and have each guest describe her gift. If this is not an option, the hostess can set wrapped gifts aside and send them to the bride along with a photo album of shower shots and memorabilia. Or, film the event and send the recording to the bride with her gifts.

If you choose to have a traditional shower, consider that far-flung friends can feel left out when the bride's shower takes place hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Make sure to send a card or a personal note expressing your understanding and regret that they cannot attend. Conversely, friends and family living far from the shower may feel like an invitation to a shower they cannot attend is a gift-grab. Let them know you aren't expecting gifts, but that you're thinking of them, too.

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