Escaping Traditions

Eloping doesn't carry with it the embarrassing stigma of the 'quickie wedding' anymore. The practice of eloping is now referred to as a 'destination wedding' and couples can now marry in their dream wedding/honeymoon location - such as a beach in Hawaii, a Las Vegas wedding chapel or a Jamaican cabana - while saving some money and experiencing a stress-free adventure in the process.

Why would a couple choose to elope?

Cost - Money is the primary reason that marrying couples choose to elope today. According to Bride's magazine, the average U.S. wedding costs approximately $19,104. Bridal gowns, tuxedo rentals, transportation, food, music and venues all cost money which many couples don't have or want to put themselves in debt for. So many newlyweds are deciding to save the money that they would have spent on unwanted guests, 5-course meals and free-bars. They'd rather spend it on their honeymoon or use it as a down payment on a house.

Stress - Let's face it, planning a wedding is stressful! So much so, that many couples won't make it to the altar without killing each other. Many engaged couples would rather relax and enjoy their big day rather then get caught up in wedding planning chaos.

Time - Wedding planning is an endless, time-consuming task. Booking a ceremony and reception location, hiring a wedding photographer, caterer, videographer, florist, cake decorator, DJ, etc., can be a full-time job. Lack of time is often a reason for eloping.

Dealing with others - It's impossible to please everybody and newlyweds often find that the desires of their parents, siblings, bridesmaids and groomsmen often cause more heartache then joy when planning a wedding. In order to avoid this many couples elope.

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