Making the Most of Your Destination Wedding

Tips for the best destination wedding

You’ve decided that a destination wedding is the perfect idea for your special day. Use these tips to navigate your way through the world of weddingmoons.

Be your travel agent’s best friend

Don’t try to book your destination wedding on your own. Talk to an experienced travel agent who can help you find the ideal spot for your wedding. The best agents will be sure you know all of the requirements for marrying in your country of choice and may help with the paperwork.

Get your dress to the beach on time

Talk to your airline ahead of time and make arrangements to safely get your wedding dress to your destination. Some airlines will let you store your dress in the closets in First Class. Others will let their flight attendants stash your dress in their closet.

There’s married and then there’s married

If you’ve accidentally overlooked the licensing requirements for your host country, don’t panic! Consider having a symbolic ceremony at your destination, and then make it official when you get home. This option will also work if the country you’ve chosen only gives marriage licenses to residents.

Keep in mind that every location is different. Be sure to find out how many days you need to be in the country before you can get married

Don’t delay, book today!

Make reservations for your destination wedding as early as you can. Popular resorts fill up quickly and your guests will appreciate as much notice as you can give.

Travel tummy - Not pretty on any bride

Stomach problems - they’re an unfortunate reality of traveling to foreign countries. Pack your standard travel medications so food sensitivities don’t sideline you!

Destination wedding myths busted

Are any of the myths below holding you back from your dream destination wedding? Check out three common weddingmoon myths and get the real story.

Myth: If I have a beach wedding, I can’t have the princess dress I always wanted

So not true! If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times - weddings are changing. Many beach brides choose simple sheath dresses or opt for less detailing, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Your wedding dress should be everything you dreamed of - so pick the dress that’s right for you.

Myth: The fabulous photographers I know from home won’t come that far for one wedding

Don’t jump to conclusions! Many professional photographers are willing to travel to destination weddings, but they don’t come cheap. Most photographers will require you to pay their travel costs. Since you’re probably saving money by having a destination wedding, you might be able to manage the extra cost of bringing a photographer with you. Check out the resort photographer’s portfolio first and if it doesn’t meet your needs, talk with a local photographer about travel costs.

Myth: We’ll miss out on the big party with our family and friends

You can have your cake and eat it twice too! Many couples choose to host a reception once they’ve returned from their destination wedding. Don’t worry, your return reception doesn’t have to break the bank - most of your guests will just want to celebrate with the newlyweds. Invite the guests you would have had at your wedding to a backyard barbecue, a simple cocktail reception or rent an inexpensive hall and have a potluck party. Some brides love dressing up twice and even choose to wear their wedding dresses to the return reception. Show off pictures from your honeymoon and share details - about the ceremony only!

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