Same Sex Wedding Traditions

Celebrations of Love

A wedding ceremony is the celebration of the love shared between two individuals regardless of whether they are of the same or different gender.

Gay marriages and same sex commitments focus on two people pledging their love. They are extremely personal and individual. Just like heterosexual marriages same sex unions reflect the backgrounds of the participants by incorporating traditions and symbols from their cultural and sometimes their religious backgrounds. Although, with most same sex unions the focus is more on the unique human side of their union rather than the religious meaning behind it.

This is why gay wedding ceremonies often feature language that refers to the two individuals getting married as 'spouses' or 'partners' rather than as 'husband' and 'wife'. As well, many gay and lesbian couples prefer to use the words 'partnership' or 'union' rather then 'marriage' when it comes to describing their committed relationship.

The wonderful thing about couples is that they are able to express themselves uniquely in their wedding decorations, wedding reception theme and even their wedding attire. For example, some gay couples will both wear tuxedos at their wedding ceremony; while others will opt to dress in more elaborate garb - such as cowboy hats, feather boas or Hawaiian shorts and shirts. Lesbian couples are also creative with their wedding attire - some dress in traditional bride and groom attire with one partner wearing a bridal gown, while the other wears a tuxedo. At lesbian weddings you may also see two bridal gowns, two suits or tuxedos, two less formal dresses or themed costumes.

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