Tips for Gay Weddings

Things to Consider

Gay weddings are usually performed in the 'humanist' style. The humanist style of wedding is popular with those who don't have any religious affiliations. The humanist aspect of gay or lesbian marriage focuses on the morals and values taken from human experience rather then from God. This is why a gay wedding can take place anywhere - from a room in your home to a beach in Key West.

Here are some helpful tips for organizing your gay or lesbian wedding:

  • Legal gay weddings are generally performed by a non-denominational minister or civil register rather then a minister or priest. Commitment ceremonies are a symbolic celebration of love and not legally binding.
  • Gay weddings should be performed in a place of deep significance to you and your partner - at your favorite restaurant or in the art museum you both love.
  • To make a lesbian or gay marriage legal the wedding must be registered through your local civil office (contact them for specific details).
  • Choose a celebrant or minister that will help you create a ceremony that is personal to you and your partner.
  • If you plan to have your wedding in a public place get permission for music, photographs, decorations etc.
  • Have fun with your wedding attire - 2 bridal gowns, 2 tuxedos, one of each or even 2 Scottish kilts.
  • The structure of your gay wedding is up to you. Many gay weddings include readings focusing on commitment, a public declaration of love and the exchange of rings and vows.
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