Unique Gay Wedding Ideas

One-of-a-Kind Wedding Ideas

Gay weddings, or any wedding, will be the most meaningful event of your life. Don't be afraid to put your personal stamp on your wedding by incorporating a unique theme into your big day.

Here are just a few one-of-a-kind wedding ideas:

Old English Wedding - Wed in an old country house or lush garden courtyard. Choose your century and have all of your attendants and guest wear period costumes. Arrive at your ceremony on horseback or by horse drawn coach. Decorate your reception hall with long wooden tables, complete with rich hanging tapestries and a gluttonous multi-course feast.

Western Wedding - Ye Haw! Hold your ceremony on a farm or ranch and wear cowboy hats, western dresses, silk cowboy shirts and cowboy boots. Ride in on horseback and enjoy a reception with a live country-western band and feast on fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.

Highland Wedding - Have Scottish bagpipes serenade you down the aisle and have your wedding party wear Scottish kilts, stockings and sporran. At your reception dine on haggis served with mashed neeps (turnip) and mashed tatties (potatoes).

Seaside Wedding - If you're planning a destination wedding, ideally to the Caribbean, dress in loose, billowy clothing - white sundresses, wrap-around skirts, Hawaiian shirts and beige shorts. Have a barefoot wedding on a warm sandy beach and give tiny bottles of sand or seashells with your names and date as guest favors. Follow the ceremony with a reggae-themed reception - complete with a steel band.


  • Choose a theme and location that's significant to you both.
  • Give your guests the heads up in the invitations - mention any themed dress, colors etc.
  • Choose a various menu - not all your guests will enjoy a totally ethnic menu.
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