Wedding Hair & Makeup

Your Wedding Day Look

Your wedding hair and makeup is just as important as choosing your wedding dress. If you are throwing a daytime wedding, your hair and makeup should be a little more natural than usual; if you're throwing an evening wedding, you can go with something a little more dramatic. Regardless of the time of day, you want your hair and makeup to look polished and perfect. How you look on your wedding day will be immortalized on film and embedded in the memories of your wedding guests and husband every time they reminisce about your wedding - you want to be perfectly stunning.

Planning your wedding day hair and makeup requires some planning. There are tragic consequences and many tears when brides overdo it with one too many sessions at the local tanning salon. If you want that faint sun-kissed glow, plan to tan weeks in advance and skip extra sessions within a week of your wedding. You don't want to be over-tanned and have to cover it up with too-much-powder on your big day - it will look like you're wearing a white chalky mask in your wedding photos.

Likewise, make sure you schedule a trial run of your wedding hair weeks in advance of your wedding. If the stylist doesn't get it right the fist time, you still have time to go back and try again - or find a new stylist. There is nothing more upsetting than leaving the salon on your wedding day with a teased-do that would rival the best that Tennessee has to offer.

Keeping it simple and classic on your wedding day is the best way to go. Don't try to hide your natural beauty with excessive makeup - keep it soft and fresh. The biggest complaint grooms make about their wedding day is not recognizing the woman coming down the aisle towards them.

Brides striving for that radiant, yet natural bridal glow should follow these helpful tips to achieve perfectly polished hair and makeup befitting a flawless bride:

  • If you take time to find your dress, take time planning your makeup and hair. Flip through bridal and hair magazines. Rip out photos of the hair styles you like and bring them to the salon - stylists appreciate it when you give them a picture to work with.
  • Book a practice session with your hair stylist two months before the big day. If they don't give what you want, you still have enough time to work it out before the wedding.
  • If you are hiring a makeup artist, book a practice session one month before your wedding. Bring a picture of your wedding dress or a swatch of fabric from your dress so the stylist/makeup artist can aim for a look that will complement the white of your dress.
  • Opt for waterproof mascara - you don't want your makeup running down your face in your wedding photos.
  • Don't tan the week before the wedding. If you feel like you've lost some of that sun-kissed glow, apply a light bronzing powder or moisturizer instead.
  • Don't overdo your hair. A style that requires too much product to hold its shape could fall or melt as the day goes on.

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