Bridal Hair Styles

Your Wedding Tresses

A bride's wedding hair style should reflect the bride's personality and unique style. Your hair should compliment both the dress and the wedding theme you've put so much thought into picking out. Many brides book a practice hair session when they bring in pictures of styles they like from magazines and flip through the salon's book of up-dos. The practice bridal hair appointment is a good time to experiment with styles to find which suits you.

Here are some tips on achieving the picture perfect bridal hair style:

  • Book your hair stylist 4 to 6 months in advance (especially if you want appointments for the entire bridal party).
  • Bring your veil, hair accessories and a picture of your dress to the practice run.
  • During the practice hair session get your stylist to write all the products and steps down so she/he can copy the exact hairstyle on your wedding day.
  • Don't be afraid to tell your stylist what you don't like - it's your day after all.
  • Allow your stylist creative input - they are professionals after all.
  • Be sure to wear a button or zip down shirt so you don't mess your hair while changing.

Bridal hair styles will suit different lengths of hair more than others, for instance:

For long hair:

Choose an elegant up-do and incorporate details from your gown - braiding, twisting, knots, rhinestones, flowers and pearls - into your hair.

If you wear your hair down be sure to pull some away from your face so that it isn't covering your face and makeup.

Tendrils are popular with long-haired brides. Wear some or most of it up and let a few romantic curls escape to frame the face.

For medium/short hair:

A sparkly headband, small silk blossoms, hair pins or a tiara dresses up medium/short hair nicely.

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