How to Save at the Hair Salon

Keeping it Simple

Every bride looks beautiful on her wedding day. Even without a visit to an expensive hair salon and a professional makeup artist. In fact many grooms complain that their bride's didn't even look like themselves on their wedding day because of their elaborate hair and makeup. Natural beauty is why more and more brides are opting to steer clear of the salon on their big day and they're saving money in the process with these moneysaving tips:

  • Keep your hair or up do simple. If you're being billed by the hour ask the stylist to pull your hair into a simple up-do instead of a style sculpted with hot rollers since it will take less time.
  • Do your own hair. Or have a handy friend style you and your bridal party as your wedding gift.
  • Hire a makeup artist for half the time. Instead of paying for full make up do your own foundation and blush and ask the makeup artist to just do your eyes and lips.
  • Make hair appointments at the salon. Hair stylists do their best work in their salons with all of their tools right on hand. Most hairstylists and makeup artists will charge you a full day for at-home service, even if you only need them for a few hours.
  • Pay for a professional makeup lesson. Cosmetics counters offer them frequently. A great gift for you and your bridal party, it will save you money on a hiring a professional makeup artist and you can use your makeup skills on your wedding day, at the rehearsal dinner and special occasions for years to come.
  • Check out local colleges and estheticians schools for qualified students or recent graduates who need the money and would be willing to style or makeup your entire bridal party for a fraction of the price of the salon.
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