Spa Services

Primping and Prep

A spa can offer pampering and services to spoil yourself and look your best for your big day:

Facials - Get your final pre-wedding facial 2 weeks before the big day. In case your face looks flushed or breaks out after a facial, it's best not to do it too close to your wedding day.

Hair Color - Two weeks before your wedding day; this way you will be able to change the color if you don't like it and if you do the color will settle before your walk down the aisle.

Eyebrow Waxing - Nothing frames your eyes in a photograph better then your eyebrows. Perfectly sculpted brows add draw attention to your eyes. Get your eyebrows waxed a week before your wedding. This is the time that any stray hairs should be removed. You can pluck any stray hairs the day before your wedding, but not on your wedding day, for fear of redness.

Body Waxing - also should be performed a week before the wedding (especially if you've never had them done before). This way any unexpected allergic reaction, swelling or redness will be cleared up by your wedding day.

Manicures & Pedicures - can be done the day before your wedding to alleviate the rush on your wedding day. This way you can be sure the polish will be dry and won't smudge.

Massages - Treat yourself to a massage the day before your wedding to alleviate any pre-wedding jitters and to prepare yourself for an enjoyable wedding day.

Makeup & Hair - will be done on the day of your wedding. You should have already undergone a practice hair style and make up run and your stylist will have a photo of your hairstyle and any hair and makeup notes on hand.

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