Wedding Hair Up-dos

How-tos for Up Dos

Up-dos are appropriate for both casual and elegant weddings. Up-dos don't have to be complicated taking hours to create. A stunning up-do can be created simply by pulling hair up into a bun, a French twist or ponytail and depending on the style, adding some eye-catching hair accessories or loose tendrils.

French Twists can be worn by any bride with medium or long hair, with any face shape. Even short-haired brides can wear French twists by adding hair extensions. Dress up French twists with flowers, hair pins, pearls or loose curls.

Buns are boring no more! Many modern brides wear them off to one side, up high, at the nape of the neck, in a collection of pinned curls or loose with hair falling around the face.

Ponytails are an instant up do. Ponytails can be fastened at the nape neck for a classic look or high on the head for a whimsical feel. Dazzle your finished ponytail with a circle of hair jewels, silk flowers or ribbon.

Edwardian rolls simply mean rolling the hair upward from the nape of the neck in a crescent. Flowers or ribbon are then placed along the edge of the roll. Perfect for Victorian brides.

Coils look complicated because they are a collection of coiled strands of hair twisted over one another and attached with jeweled or pearl hairpins.

Tips for up do perfection:

  • The simpler the up do the better - bobby pins can hurt and intricate styles are fragile.
  • Consider the time of day - up-dos heavy with product can melt in outdoor heat.
  • Loose up-dos are appropriate for informal weddings, while perfectly sculpted up-dos are more formal.
  • Up-dos can add inches to a short bride's height.
  • Hair that is fine and over-conditioned doesn't style well. For the best up do results shampoo your hair the day before not the day of the wedding.
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