All-inclusive Honeymoons

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An all-inclusive honeymoon is a great way to vacation - the price includes everything. Most packages will include hotel accommodations, meals, resort transportation, drinks (alcoholic and others), resort activities (tennis, scuba diving, sailing) and the tip. With an all-inclusive honeymoon you can rest assured that once you're on the resort you'll rarely need to take out your wallet. It should be noted that some all-inclusive honeymoons may not include airfare, taxes or luxury activities such as a day at the spa. And of course, any shopping you do comes out of your own pocket.

All-inclusive honeymoons are ideal if you plan to be away for at least a week. While the majority of all inclusive packages are for a week, some can be as long as ten days or 2 weeks. Of course, the longer you stay the cheaper it is to stay by the day, but obviously it will cost more overall. Some all-inclusive resorts will let you book a second week for about $500.

The Caribbean has many resorts which offer all-inclusive honeymoons, in particular, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Some resorts offer incredible all-inclusive packages, while others cater specifically to newlyweds. And if you think the tropical locale is nice, wait till you see the resort! Most are exceptionally beautiful and designed to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. Think rock waterfalls cascading into the pool, while you sip daiquiris at a poolside bar.

When looking for an all-inclusive honeymoon package don't settle for the first one you find - shop around. Look for specials such as off-season rates, which can save you up to $1000.

On average expect to pay $3000 per couple for one week. While this may seem a huge amount, break down the cost of everything that's included in the vacation. Compare those individual items to those with a honeymoon you plan yourself. You may find that by going with an all-inclusive package, you're saving quite a bit on each component of the vacation. For example, you could find that the hotel rate is quite reasonable since most resort hotels are of three-star or four-star quality. Booked on its own the same type and quality of hotel could cost you double. There's also the advantage of knowing that once you're on the resort you don't have to pay for a thing except perhaps tipping and some excursions.

The downside to an all-inclusive honeymoon is most resorts will require the entire package fee 30-60 days before departure date. Plus, you may have to purchase your airline tickets. But dollar for dollar, an all-inclusive package is, for the most part, an affordable honeymoon.

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