Tips for Flying on your Honeymoon

Making Your Flight More Fun

Chances are you'll need to fly to your honeymoon destination. Whether you're a seasoned flyer or this is your first time in the sky here are some tips to ensure your flight is as enjoyable as possible.

If you're not booking your airline tickets through the travel agent, consider booking them online. Most airlines have very informative websites allowing you to search flight schedules and fares. Compare the fares of different airlines. Check each website several times as the fare can rise and fall several times over the course of a few days.

Keep in mind the number of layovers when purchasing your ticket and ensure you have enough time in-between connections to find your way. Yes, the fare may be great, but is it worth a 2-hour layover in a city that requires a major detour? You could be adding many hours to your flight, plus the risk of lost luggage, just to save a few bucks. If you can, book your flight for an off-peak day (Tuesday and Wednesday) and times (very early or very late in the day). Also, it may be cheaper if you stay over a Saturday and Sunday. If you're part of a frequent flier program your honeymoon is the perfect time to redeem your points.

When booking your airline ticket, if possible, get a confirmed seat number. Often if a flight is over booked those with unconfirmed seat numbers will be bumped to a different flight. Some airlines allow your specify your seat when booking your ticket online. Others don't. Save yourself any possible aggravation and stress and get a confirmed seat number.

On the day of your flight arrive at the airport well before your departure time. You should arrive at least one hour before domestic flights and two to three hours before international flights. Make sure you have enough time to check your luggage, get your boarding pass, go through security and find your departure gate. Ensure your luggage has identification tags and that all your paper work (tickets, passports, visas) are in order and easily accessible. Keep your paper work in your carry on luggage to reduce its likelihood of being lost.

If you have a layover, once you land, get to the departure gate as soon as possible. This is especially critical if your current flight is running late! Sometimes if your plane is running a little late the airline may hold the next flight until you arrive. However, don't always count on this courtesy - do whatever you can to make your next flight.

If you do miss your flight reschedule another one at the airline's customer service desk. They will normally do what they can to get you on the next earliest flight. If the late arrival has you leaving a day later the airline should usually pay for your night's accommodation.

Although flying can be a stressful experience if you find you need help, ask. Airport and airline staff are usually very willing to help customers. Just don't expect a miracle if something does go wrong! Keep your cool and relax - in a matter of hours the flight will be behind you and you can start enjoying your honeymoon.

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