Top Honeymoon Destinations

Where to Go? A Look at The Best Honeymoon Destinations

Not surprisingly after the hectic pace of planning a wedding most couples simply want to relax and unwind during their honeymoon. And what could be more relaxing than lying on a beach in a tropical paradise? Of the many romantic and beautiful destinations in the world the Caribbean is the most popular for honeymooners. With its soft white beaches, warm turquoise waters, delicate tropical breezes and exotic scenery is it any wonder the Caribbean is so popular? Add in the fact that many Caribbean resorts offer "all inclusive" packages and you have an incredible and affordable honeymoon. In fact beaches make up the majority of top honeymoon destinations. Some are a short plane ride away and others are half way across the world.

Here are the top honeymoon destinations worldwide to help you plan your honeymoon:

  1. Aruba - nice crystal clear waters
  2. Bermuda - perfect for snorkling
  3. Florida - great for gay weddings, snorkling, families and beach weddings
  4. Hawaii - paradise
  5. Italy - a gastronomical delight
  6. Jamaica - sounds of tin bands on a slow paced island
  7. Las Vegas - larger than life glittering mecca
  8. Mexico - full of archaeologically rich areas, plus great beaches and wildlife
  9. St. Lucia - white beaches, crystal waters, a honeymoon haven
  10. Tahiti - Great food and drinks by the water
  11. US Virgin Islands - no need for Visas, just fly and go
  12. France - culture, shows and sites galorethe romance capital of the world
  13. British Virgin Islands - a land the Brits would be proud of
  14. Fiji - long way to go, why not stop off in Oz too?
  15. Bahamas - one long beach
  16. Dominican Republic - cost effective for all inclusive resorts
  17. England - beautiful bed and breakfasts, castles and gardens
  18. Greece - culture, ruins and fantastic weather
  19. Bali - ensure you check the weather, while beautiful it's temperate
  20. Africa - safaris and meeting gorillas
  21. Cayman Islands - island of fun, sun and sand
  22. Costa Rica - a nature lovers paradise
  23. Australia - so much to see, so little time
  24. California - great for sun, wine and for people not wanting to travel far
  25. New Zealand - going to NZ, plan on at least 3 weeks? See Fiji & Australia too
  26. Ireland - the Irish are very hospitable and warm; great pub atmosphere
  27. Barbados - music by a beach hut while sipping margaritas
  28. Turk & Caicos - tax-free zone, not too commercial compared to other islands
  29. Anguilla - great wildlife and sun-soaked beaches
  30. Puerto Rico - ole! great food, music and people

This is by no means a full list of honeymoon destinations. Other obscure places may include things you and your mate-to-be love: like skiing in Canada; camping in Maine; climbing Mt. Everest; rifling through old books in Hay-On-Wye, Wales; exploring Egypt; a European tour by barge or enjoying the culinary delights of Thailand or taking a pottery course in China.

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