Addressing Wedding Invitations

What is the proper way to address an invitation to co-workers? Can I send one invitation to the entire department? Is it proper to invite guests to the wedding and not the reception?

– Judy

Send each co-worker a personal invitation. Sending one invitation to the whole department could leave some people wondering if they're really invited to the wedding. It is proper wedding etiquette to send each person (or couple) an invitation; it shows you thought specifically of them. Likewise, send the invitation to each co-worker's home as opposed to delivering it at the office.

As for inviting guests to the wedding but not the reception, most guests would be hurt or offended. To do so suggests they are not worthy of participating in the whole wedding. Your guests attend your wedding to show their love and support. They also probably brought you a gift. The least you could do is invite them to your reception.

Wedding Invitation Design

My fianc and I think your site is wonderful. We are having a traditional type wedding but our wedding invitations will be on red fleck paper with black wording. Do you think that it is inappropriate to have inner envelopes with black lining?

– Stephen

I think the black lining is perfectly fine. They're your invitations and I think it's great you're adding your own unique touches. These are the kinds of invitations people will remember. Plus every little detail counts towards the originality of your wedding. If you're looking for further information on invitations feel free to check out our wedding invitations page for more fun ideas.
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