Engagement and Wedding Ring Costs

I was told that there is a certain percentage of the groom-to-be's salary which should be spent on the engagement and wedding rings. Is this true and if so, what is the amount?

– T.T.

Traditionally, the groom is expected to spend 2-3 months salary on the engagement ring. However, this amount is too much for many men. Therefore, he should spend what his budget allows. He doesn't have to buy the perfect ring, but instead, a ring that's perfect for his bride-to-be. Some men go overboard and buy a ring far beyond their means - and end up broke for months to come. In which case, how do you plan to pay for the wedding? Chances are your fiance will never know the dollar amount of the ring any way. Don't feel as though you have to buy a ring to rival the multi-million dollar engagement rings given by celebrities. They have money to spare; you probably don't. Instead buy a ring that comes from the heart; something she'll love and cherish all your years together. And that means far more than the price tag.

Adjustable Wedding Rings

My husband would love to wear a wedding ring but he's afraid it'll get stuck on his finger. Is it possible to find an adjustable wedding ring? If not, is there another option?

– Melanie

There are many jewelers that make adjustable wedding bands. You can get them in any size, in a variety of styles and prices. Type "adjustable wedding rings" into the search box on our website for a full listing of jewelers who sell this style of ring.

A wedding ring is a symbol of your everlasting love for one another. Once your husband gets past his fear of the ring getting stuck, he'll not only realize this, but will come to truly value his wedding ring.
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