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Would it look nice if a bride were to carry a bouquet of yellow and white plumeria flowers rather than typical roses? If so, would it be okay to have them in a spring or fall wedding with other colors being light blue, maroon, and yellow?

- Berta


Plumeria flowers are a gorgeous, fragrant and colorful choice for a bride's bouquet. They would also make beautiful attendants corsages and boutonnires. Commonly known as the Hawaiian lei flower, plumeria flowers are actually the bloom of a tropical flowering tree. They are tropical, so expect a higher price during any season.

Are the light blues and maroon colors the colors of your attendants or the dcor colors? I think maroon may overwhelm the delicate yellow and white blooms, but light blue should work well. Ask your florist what he or she suggests as a compliment to yellow and white plumeria flowers - you may get some great ideas.

June Wedding Flowers

I would like orange Calla Lilies at my wedding. Are they available in the month of June?

- Amanda


Calla lilies are a popular choice and a gorgeous addition to any wedding's dcor or bride's bouquet. Luckily, lilies are an easily available variety of wedding bloom for any season and any good florist should be able to provide them for you.

Since lilies are bulbs, they can be greenhouse grown and are appreciated by so many that they are available year round. Though they may cost more during the winter months, they should be reasonably priced in June since it is close to their natural season.

Depending on the local climate in your area, they may be in season during June and should be quite easy to find and inexpensive. If they are not naturally in season, you should be able to find a florist whose prices aren't outrageous for a high quality Calla lily.

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