Buying the Groom's Wedding Ring

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Traditionally, the groom pays for the bride's engagement and wedding rings, and the bride buys the groom's ring. While the groom usually surprises the bride with an engagement ring, in her style of course, the bride is usually involved in choosing her wedding set. Many brides want to be involved in choosing the wedding rings - these are rings you both have to love and wear for the rest of your lives. Although, many brides also want a wedding ring that matches or suits their engagement ring, especially if they want to wear both on the same finger. The groom usually has a hand in choosing his wedding band style as well.

A wedding ring is something you will wear every day for the rest of your lives, so spend some time together educating yourselves about wedding rings and diamonds. Do you want gold, platinum or silver? What is your price range? Do you want yours and your groom's rings to match? Is there an inscription you had in mind for the inside of the band? Sit down with a jeweler and ask away. Enjoy the shopping!

Switching the Engagement Ring for the Wedding Ring

Does the bride wear her engagement ring during the ceremony?

- T.T

The choice to wear or not to wear the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony is really a matter of the bride's personal taste. As long as she doesn't forget to remove it from her left hand before the ceremony - although the comic relief is always refreshing - whatever she decides is fine.

Often, the bride will simply switch her engagement ring to her right hand and wear it during the ceremony, then switch it back to her left post-ceremony. Some brides have their maid of honor hold onto their engagement rings until after the ceremony, too. However, if you want to really show off that gorgeous wedding ring, let it stand alone and leave your engagement ring at home for the day.

When you wear both together, the wedding band goes on the inside - closest to the heart.
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