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YourWedding101’s first choices for wedding essentials

A wedding is such an exciting event – and there are so many choices to be made once you’ve decided to get married! Whether you’re thinking about getting engaged, in the thick of wedding planning or getting ready to help a friend celebrate his or her special event, you’re going to be spending a lot of time looking around for that ‘just right’ addition to your wedding gown, favor or gift. Check out our wedding essentials below for some help on choosing the perfect favors, gifts, place cards, dresses and jewelry.

Before the Wedding
There is a lot more to planning a wedding then organizing the day itself. The traditions that surround the engagement also mean that you’ll be shopping around for rings and engagement gifts, as well as all the necessities for a bridal shower. The list seems endless - and you haven’t even thought about the wedding yet!

The Wedding Party
The members of the wedding party are a great resource while you’re planning your big day. The people you choose to share your special day deserve some extra attention – and appreciation! Keep them in mind when you’re deciding on the perfect wedding party gifts. You’ll want to take this opportunity to show them how dear they are to you and how much you appreciate all of their time and effort.

Shopping Madness
When you’re planning for your wedding or buying a gift for the bride and groom you’ll want to keep a few key things in mind. As you swim through the sea of choices remember:

  • Stick to a budget. The price range for wedding gifts and accessories is vast and some items can reach into the thousands of dollars. Don’t over extend yourself! While a designer or handmade item will be appreciated so too will the less expensive necessities. You won’t be judged based on how much money you spend!
  • Shop around. The same item can range in price and selection in different stores and online.
  • Be creative. Think outside of the box while you’re shopping. That way you’ll avoid the predictable or repeat gift. Also, don’t be afraid to steer away from the traditional!

Since you’re in the market, these pages will offer some advice on some of the most popular wedding items. You’ll find reviews of everything wedding - from planning tools and gifts to bridal jewelry, flower girl dresses and wedding accessories.

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