Our Favorite Bridal Shower Favors

Fun for the girls

One of the best parts of being a bride-to-be is the bridal shower – and all the cute little bridal shower favors that are to be found! While the bridal shower tends to be left up to the matron of honor or one of the bride’s family members, the bride herself should be kept in mind during the planning. Make sure that the favors that are given out at the shower speak to her personality and the relationships that are represented by the guests. For example, if you’re throwing a shower that’s going to be attended mostly by family members you’ll want to keep it more low key and elegant than if you’re having one for all ‘the girls.’

  1. Heart Shaped Manicure Set: Everyone could use a manicure set, and since you’re celebrating a bride-to-be the heart shape makes this kit a perfect bridal shower favor! It comes in pink, lavender, blue and green and includes tweezers, nail file and clippers. It makes a great bridal shower favor for all the guests at any size of party costing around $1.30.
  2. Personalized Champagne Bath and Shower Gel: This elegantly scented bath and shower gel makes a great bridal shower favor because you can personalize the label with names and dates. Guests will get hours of enjoyment out of the bath and shower gel, and are able to hold onto the bottle as a keepsake of the shower. You’ll have to order these in bulk, but will only spend about $2 on each if you order over 40.
  3. Green Tea Incense Gift Set: If you have a smaller group you can spend a little more on individual favors. This incense gift set makes the perfect bridal shower favor! It includes 20 incense sticks with holders and 12 incense cones with a holder. The Asian inspired packaging is all natural and can be personalized with the name of the bride-to-be and the date of the shower. You’ll spend about $12 on each set.
  4. Personalized Chocolate Bars: Personalize a special treat for all your special guests! These delicious little chocolate bars can be wrapped in a variety of different packages, each which can be personalized with the name of the bride-to-be, the date of the shower and a variety of messages. You have to order a minimum of 24 but its well worth the $2.25 each.
  5. Personalized Glycerine Soap: The bride-to-be has ‘found her prince’ and this adorable frog shaped glycerine soap (complete with princely crown!) lets everyone at her bridal shower share in the joy. The label can read either, “…At Last I Found My Prince!” or “…At Last She Found Her Prince” and personalized with names and dates. This is a bridal shower favor guaranteed to make guests grin. They can be ordered only in a minimum of 24 and will cost around $3.40 each making them a perfect bridal shower favor!
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