Our Favorite List of the Best Engagement Gifts

Celebrating the big news

When someone close to you is getting ready to tie the knot, it’s important to pick a special engagement gift to show your joy and best wishes. Engagement gifts don’t have to be extravagant (although we all know they can be!) and no matter what you offer the happy couple will appreciate the fact that you took the time to think of them. No matter what you choose, your engagement gift should speak to the joy and excitement of the event and offer wishes of luck and happiness.

  1. Wedding Wishes Candles: Pass all your best wishes on to the happy couple with these six candles that feature the words ‘bliss,’ ‘love,’ ‘unity,’ ‘peace,’ ‘trust,’ and ‘honor’ in silver foil. Elegantly fragranced, the set is something that the couple will be able to enjoy on all their romantic nights together as they plan their wedding. You can expect to spend about $45 for the set.
    • Sharing a Lifetime: This keepsake gift will allow the bride and groom-to-be some well deserved time together as they work through the book filling in the story of their life together. The leather bound book prompts the couple with questions to reveal their thoughts on life, marriage and each other. This is the type of gift that will be cherished for years to come. It’ll cost around $80.
    • Friends Forever Album: When someone really close is planning a trip down the aisle take the opportunity to come together and remember all the special times you’ve had together. This silver plated photo album can be personalized by engraving your friend’s name on the cover. It holds 80 photos so you can include all your favorite old memories and leave room for the new ones that’ll be made at the wedding. It’s a great keepsake for only around $20.
    • Emerilware Stainless Steel Cookware Sets: If the newlyweds will be headed for a new home after the nuptials get them started with one of Emerilware’s great cookware sets. There are a number of sets available that’ll provide the couple with all they need to get cooking! You’ll find fry pans, casserole dishes and sauce pans among other necessities. Emerilware is sturdy, long lasting and easy to clean. Depending on which set you choose, you’ll spend anywhere from $199 to $299.
    • Love Pendant: You can offer your best wishes and congratulations with this sterling silver pendant that features the Chinese symbol for love. It’s a delicate keepsake that can be enjoyed by both the bride and groom-to-be and will remind them of the reason that they’ve embarked on the wedding journey. It’s also a great deal for an engagement gift at around $13.
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