Our Favorite Engagement Rings

A symbol of love and commitment

The first thing everyone will ask to see when you announce your engagement is the engagement ring! Whether you choose the traditional solitaire or go with something a little more untraditional but personal, the ring is a recognized symbol of your status as an engaged couple. If you’re out shopping for an engagement ring remember that this is something that your special someone will wear for the rest of her life so you want to put a lot of thought into it.

  • Princess Cut: The princess cut is one of the most popular and classic shapes for the diamond solitaire engagement ring. Stones are typically available in a number of different sizes, from ¼ carat to more than a full carat. You can set the stone in a wide or tapered band which will usually be made of yellow or white gold, or platinum. The price range of the princess cut is variable and depends on the type of band and size of stone. You can find one for as little as $400.
  • Celtic Harmony Wedding Ring: If you’re not into the diamond engagement ring, the symbolism of the Celtic harmony wedding ring makes it another popular option. The Celtic love knot is featured prominently in a gold setting and will become an instant family heirloom symbolizing everlasting love and the tying of two lives into one. This is also a less expensive option than the diamond engagement ring, and can be purchased for under $500.
  • Six Prong Diamond Engagement Ring: For a more distinctive look that retains the traditionalism of a diamond solitaire, the six prong diamond engagement ring offers a quietly unexpected look. A round diamond supported by six prongs draws your eye to the sparkling center of the stone. As with other diamond engagement rings, you can select from stone sizes that typically range from ¼ carat to more than a full carat. The setting is also customizable and can be found in yellow or white gold and sometimes platinum. You can expect to pay around $450 for a ¼ carat in white gold but if you choose a full carat with a white gold setting you’ll spend over $7000.
  • Multi Diamond Engagement Ring: If you like the look of the diamond engagement ring but find a solitaire boring, there are a lot of different options for multi diamond engagement rings. Most feature a larger stone surrounded by a number of smaller stones. The combination of stones will typically weigh more than ½ carat and can be found upwards of two carats. The price will depend on the size of the stones and the setting. You can find multi diamond engagement rings for as little as $500.

For Him
It’s becoming more common for men to wear engagement rings. While the men’s version of the engagement ring tends to be more understated then the women’s (think a precursor to the wedding band) they’re an important statement of a man’s commitment to his future wife.

  • Circle of Strength Scottish Wedding Ring: The traditional Scottish design shaped from gold is figured from a single line that has no beginning and no end. It’s the perfect symbol for the union a man is about to enter. This kind of engagement ring for him is available in different types of gold and will typically cost from $400 to $600.
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