Our Favorite Wedding Accessories

The perfect accessories for the perfect day

It takes a long time to find the perfect wedding gown and you’ve got to complete the look with the best wedding accessories. Every girl, at one point or another, has thought about what she’ll wear on her wedding day! Whether you’re going for the traditional bridal look with white silk and lace or if you’ve opted for a funky, personalized outfit you can pull it all together with the right wedding wear.

  1. Ivory Flared Lehenga: Add Eastern flair to your wedding dress with an ivory organza and katan silk skirt and blouse with dupatta. This gown offers an unexpected exotic appeal to any wedding celebration. If you’re not interested in carrying around a heavily layered traditional North American gown this makes an elegant alternative. It costs about $1600.
  1. Melody Shoes: White satin shoes are the perfect match to any wedding gown! These under three inch heels will add just enough height but won’t hurt your feet as you work your way through a busy day. Even better, they can be dyed later to be used as perfect party or bridesmaid shoes. You’ll spend around $46 these perfect wedding accessories.
  2. Saturn Sandals: If you’re looking for comfortable wedding accessories for your summer nuptials then Saturn sandals are the way to go. Offering a slight heel, the flip-flop style promises comfortable feet and easy walking through the whole day. They’re a great wedding wear staple for only $47.
  3. Molly Ballet Flats: The ultimate in bridal coziness can be found in a ballet flat. They’re as soft as a slipper and as dressy as a pump. You can get Molly flats for as little as $24.
  4. Wedding Day Survival Kit: You know this is going to be one busy day and you’re going to want to be prepared for anything – so this handy kit may be your ultimate wedding accessory! The reusable train case makes the perfect wedding accessory and is filled with all the necessities, from tampons to breath mints and all the stain removers in between. It’s a handy little helper and costs $39.
  5. Bridal Robe: Throw on something soft and silky after your long day! This long robe is comfortable and sexy with cut out lace, sequin and pearl embellishments. You can get it in either white or black for about $60.
  6. Bridal Baby Doll: A short gown is the perfect thing to slip into after hauling around a heavy wedding dress all day. Shirley of Hollywood designed this silky baby doll gown with the bride in mind! It’s a sexy wedding accessory that comes with a matching g-string panty set for about $35.
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