Our Favorite Wedding Favors

Special keepsakes for all your guests

Everyone loves to take home wedding favors as a way to remember a special evening full of romance and fun. Your wedding favors can blend with your décor and even be used as accessories for your reception tables. Some favors are really just for fun and can express the uniqueness of the newly married couple. You’ll want to choose something that expresses your thanks for sharing your special day and gives your guests something neat to take home with them.

  1. Plantable Magic Bean: At your wedding, your guests will receive a hand painted mini pot in an adorable wrapped box. After they’ve taken their gift home, they can plant a small bean in the pot and within a week a sprout will grow that reads the word ‘love.’ A plantable magic bean is an unusual and entertaining favor that lets your guests continue the celebration of your marriage long past the ceremony. Each will cost a little over $3.
  1. The ‘Perfect Blend’ Coffee: After a ceremony, dinner and reception your guests might find that it’s been a long day celebrating. In the morning they can wake up and brew a perfect cup of coffee thanks to you! Each ‘Perfect Blend’ packet is personalized with the name of the couple and the wedding date. The packet is so cute; you might find them hesitant to open it! Each packet costs $1.65 and you have to order at least 40.
  2. Personalized Spiral Notebooks: These notebooks are practical favors that your guests will probably find pretty handy throughout the reception. The cover is personalized with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding, and the book contains about 25 pages. A set of 50 notepads will cost about $50.
  3. Personalized Sea Shells: For a destination or beach themed wedding these personalized sea shells are the perfect keepsake for guests. You can have names, dates and messages printed on the delicate little shells. All the shells are natural and come in varying sizes for about $2 each.
  4. Personalized Heart Soap on a Rope: These softly scented heart shaped soaps make great wedding favors that your guests can keep as mementoes or use to clean up after the wedding. They come in both pink and white and you can personalize the labels with names, dates and short messages. Each will cost around $1 and you have to order at least 40.
  5. Savor the Moment Tin Can: Give your guests a sweet treat that comes in a personalized keepsake tin. The label is personalized with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding and affixed to the lid with a satin ribbon of your choosing. Inside the tin you can have a number of different treats, including chocolate kisses or hearts. This is a simple wedding favor that is guaranteed to be a favorite with your guests! You’ll spend $2 to $3 on these cute little wedding favors.
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