Our Favorite Wedding Gifts

Well wishes for the happy couple

Getting married is one of the biggest commitments someone can make and if you’ve been invited to share in the celebration you want to give a great wedding gift that congratulates the couple on their big day and wishes them well on their new adventure. Wedding gifts range widely in price and come in all different shapes and sizes. You’ll want to base your decision on you relationship to the couple as well as their individual personalities.

  1. Cuisinart Brew Central 14 Cup Coffee Maker: You know that the happy couple has had a lot of late nights preparing for the big day so why not get them something to perk them up once they’ve returned from their honeymoon? This Cuisinart 14 cup coffee maker is programmable, with variable temperature control and simple push button controls. It’s the perfect gift for the coffee lover! You’ll spend around $100.
  1. Riedel ‘O’ Wine Tumblers: These wine glasses are the newest rage for the connoisseur – they’ve taken the important design elements of a wine glass and removed the stem! They’re the ideal glasses for everyday use and will work for almost any occasion. Depending on which set you choose you can expect to spend from $13 to $20.
  2. Wedding Rings Photo Frame: Wedding rings symbolize the never ending commitment of marriage and this pewter look frame shapes two of the newlyweds’ favorite photos into a double ring. The frame is engraved with the saying, “With this ring, I thee wed’ and makes a great keepsake to display wedding photos. It costs about $15.
  3. Couple’s Genealogy Tree: Marriage brings together two distinct family histories so a great wedding gift is this genealogy tree that features two frames detailing the individual family history of both bride and groom. You’ll have to put the gift together yourself but all the necessities are included. You’ll get two espresso stained wood frames, one hundred red and orange leaves of varying sizes, ivory mounting board, family name placards, mounting tape and a template to follow. This is the ultimate customized gift that shows how much you appreciate each of the newlyweds. The set costs about $120.
  4. Wedding Announcement Frame: Any bride knows how important all the little details are. You can help her keep all her wedding mementoes close with this Waterford crystal wedding announcement frame that has a space for both a wedding photo and the invitation or wedding announcement. It’s guaranteed to become an instant family heirloom! The frame will cost about $150.
  5. Engraved Congratulations Greeting Card: The perfect way to top off a wedding gift of cash or gift certificates is an elegantly customized greeting card. The text is hand lettered by a professional calligrapher and is engraved on an azure blue single card. The inside of the card is blank so you can include your own special message to the happy couple. One card will pull together your wedding gift for about $4.50.
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