The Proposal and Engagement

Making the Commitment

Realizing you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is an exciting, life-altering moment. It may be something you knew as soon as you met, or it could be something that’s grown steadily over time. Every couple’s love story is different and every marriage proposal and engagement is unique in its own way.

Asking that special person to marry you can take you through an emotional roller coaster of elation, celebration, jangled nerves and deep soul-searching. Once you’ve decided to ask someone to share the rest of her - or his - life with you, there are hundreds of things to consider. We can’t help you with the questions you’ll have to ask yourself, but we can help you with a lot of the planning.

Before you propose
Your proposal is something that your fiancée will remember for the rest of her life, so it deserves a little planning. Most proposals come with an engagement ring, which is more than just a diamond and a band. If you’re buying a ring ahead of time, think about what shape of diamond she would like best and if a traditional diamond is right for her. Some girls prefer their birthstones or gems in their favorite colors. Listen for clues she’s dropping about her favorite ring styles and once you’ve figured it out, we can give you the information you need on how to buy a quality stone.

How will you pop the question?
Take some time to decide how you’re going to ask her. Will it be just the two of you at a private dinner or will you ask her in front of your friends and family? If you’re picking the second option, be sure you know ahead of time what her answer will be! If you’re looking for inspiration we’ve got ideas for classic proposals and some romantic stories from our readers that will inspire your imagination.

Being an engaged couple
Once you’ve popped the question and got the yes you were hoping for, there’s a lot of news to spread, wedding planning to start and celebrating to do. We can help you and your fiancée from your very first engagement party to saying your vows. Congratulations and all the best as you start this exciting chapter of your life!

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