Your Engagement Party

These Engagement Party Ideas always lead to a fabolous time!

You’re engaged and you should celebrate! This is a very exciting time in your life, so enjoy it and give those close to you the opportunity to share it with you. An engagement party is the first group celebration to honor the happy couple

What are they like?
Engagement parties give you a lot of freedom to choose the kind of party that’s best for you. Why not:

  • Take your family out to a favorite restaurant
  • Host a pot-luck and have everyone bring the recipe for their dish
  • Have a backyard barbecue and bonfire
  • Invite guests for cocktails at a popular lounge
  • Ask your guests to join you on a dinner cruise
  • Plan a theme party around famous couples, tropical paradise or a specific country
  • Visit a local winery with your guests and sample wine options for your wedding
  • Prepare a picnic at the beach

Who hosts?
Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party, but many couples are choosing to take on this task themselves. If you know you’re going to ask your family and friends for a lot of help with your wedding, hosting the engagement party yourself is a nice way to thank them in advance for their hard work. One tradition that’s still popular is for the father of the bride to toast the engaged couple. The groom then responds with his own toast.

Be careful to only invite guests who you are planning to have at your wedding. Many who attend your engagement party will assume they’re invited to your wedding as well. Just don’t feel that you have to invite your full wedding guest list to the engagement celebration!

Tips for hosting a great engagement party

  • Send a hand-written thank you note to anyone who hosts a party in your honor or who gives you a gift
  • Introduce everyone! This may be the first time some of your family is meeting your fiancé’s family so help everyone feel comfortable by making the introductions
  • Let your guests know ahead of time what you’re planning for the party so they know how to dress - don’t have your mother-in-law show up for a bonfire in her cocktail dress!
  • Take care of your guests. If you’re indulging in adult beverages, make sure everyone has a safe way home or plans to spend the night.
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