Our Favorite Reader Proposals

Stories that make you go, “awww”

When you tell people you’re engaged we’re willing to bet that the first words out of their mouths are, “Congratulations! How did he do it?” At YourWedding101.com, we love hearing your proposal stories as much as you love telling them! Here are a few great stories about how some of our readers popped the question.

Romance and the ribbon
I proposed to my girlfriend at a weekend camping event with friends. At the end of the weekend I gave her a wrapped present - a box about four inches square. She unwrapped it and found a plain white box inside with a red ribbon sticking out. She pulled the ribbon, and pulled the ribbon, and pulled some more. There were 50 yards of red ribbon in the box. When she got frustrated and couldn’t seem to get to the end of the ribbon, she opened the box, pulled out the rest and saw her ring dangling from the end. It didn’t take long for her to put it on and show everyone we were camping with.

A Christmas proposal
I proposed to my wife at Christmas in front of her parents. I got down on one knee and offered her a champagne bottle. Around its neck was a Tiffany bracelet I’d given her for her birthday. The bracelet was the first gift I’d ever given her and since she’s always leaving jewelry around, I took it and had it engraved with the proposal. Now she has a token to remember our engagement, other than just the ring!

Cozy cave question
My fiancé and I were on vacation in Scotland visiting my family. He wanted to see the sights, so we took a bus up to Culzean Castle. We wandered around the grounds and found a staircase leading down to a rocky beach. He suggested we explore and as we walked, we came across some caves. He pulled me into one and started rambling really quickly. He asked me to sit down and he started talking about our relationship and how he couldn’t imagine his life without me. He tried to kneel but gave up because of the rocks and just sat beside me. He pulled out the ring and asked if I’d marry him. I immediately said yes! 

Two big days at once!
My friends had been living together for over 10 years and from time to time had discussed getting married. She was turning 50 and he had planned a surprise birthday party. When they arrived at the party she was totally surprised, and was making the rounds saying hello to everyone. He went to the stage at the front of the room and called her up to say a few words to the guests. When she got up to the front he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him. She was shocked and was even more surprised when the Justice of the Peace came out from behind the stage ready to marry them immediately!

Needless to say it took her a couple of minutes to realize exactly what was going on and within 10 minutes of saying “yes” they were married. She’s very down to earth and had no problem getting married in jeans. He’s a very private person and not one to draw attention to himself. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place!

A surprise question and a surprise party
I had arranged a surprise party for my fiancée’s birthday, but even the guests didn’t know everything I had planned. We went for dinner at our favorite restaurant and afterwards started driving home. Not far from the restaurant, I pretended that the car was having steering problems and pulled over. I told her we would have to call for a lift at the pay phone on the other side of a wooden bridge close-by.

As we neared the middle of the bridge, my fiancée spotted a jewelry box sitting on the wood. At first, she was hesitant to open it but after some coaxing she lifted the lid and found the ring. My sister was waiting on the other side of the bridge (she’d planted the ring for me) with a limo to drive us. I told my fiancée that my parents had a birthday present to give her so we were driven to their house. We told my parents about the engagement and the guests that were waiting to surprise my fiancée were just as amazed as she was!

The greatest treasure of all
My fiancé’s proposal took a lot of planning and a lot of people. I woke on the morning of our anniversary as he was leaving to help a friend move. After he left, I got out of bed and found a trail of rose petals, candles and pictures of us leading to a clue. I spent the day being sent from family members to friends following his directions. The final clues told me to go to the summer camp where we’d first met. There I was given the last clue, directing me to the place we’d first kissed. Not an easy task, I hopped in one of the camp’s canoes and paddled across the lake to the island where it had happened. My fiancé was waiting with a ring, a fully furnished campsite and a fabulous meal!

The best proposals all have one thing in common: they’re an ideal fit for the couple. You don’t have to sky-write the question, but think about how she would envision her perfect proposal and do your best to make it happen.

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