Romantic Proposal Ideas

Give Her a Movie-Worthy Proposal

People love sharing their proposal stories! Whether yours is simple and sweet or elaborate and thoroughly planned, your proposal story is going to be shared with a lot of people. Once you’ve picked out an engagement ring - if you’ve chosen to buy one ahead of time - and asked some of her family members, if you’re following that tradition, you’re ready to start planning your proposal.

Asking someone to marry you is one of the most important decisions of your life and you’re going to want it to be a perfect moment. Think about where you met, had your first date or had your first kiss and take her back to where the magic started. Incorporate some of her favorite things into your proposal like her favorite song, flower, restaurant or movie.

Stuck for ideas? Check out these eight classic proposal ideas:

1. Fireworks
Sparkles in the sky and sparkles on her finger. Propose during a fireworks display for a great classic moment with a beautiful backdrop.

2. Adding the ring to her dessert
Cap off a romantic dinner for two with an engagement ring strategically placed on her dessert - note that we didn’t say “in” her dessert! Wait staff love being part of a proposal and can help you plan the details ahead of time.

3. Hiding the ring in a flower
Whether you’re giving her flowers for a special occasion or on a “just because” day, tuck the ring in one of the blooms where she’ll see it easily. A flower proposal also lets her dry one of the petals as a keepsake.

4. Treasure hunt
Proposing at the end of a treasure hunt is a more elaborate plan, but one that family and friends will be eager to hear about again and again. Give her clues to follow until she finally finds you and her engagement ring. You can make your proposal an all day event; depending on how many clues she has to follow and how many locations you have her visit.

5. Little box in a big box
This is a great proposal to use around gift-giving times like her birthday or the holidays. Place the ring in its box in a series of larger boxes for her to open. Hiding the ring in a larger container will keep her from guessing ahead of time!

6. Candle trail
The candle trail proposal has been immortalized in some of the greatest romance movies of all time. Light a series of small candles and place them in a path for her to follow. You and her ring will be waiting at the end. A flower petal path is another romantic alternative to candles.

7. When she’s making a wish
For a sweet and simple proposal, ask her to make a wish when she’s blowing out birthday candles, tossing a coin in a fountain, watching for shooting stars or breaking a wishbone. She closes her eyes, makes her wish and opens them to find you ready to make her wedding wish come true.
However you choose to propose, be sure it suits you and your future fiancée. If you’re both into plays and poetry readings, proposing on the big screen at a sporting event might not work for her. Putting a bit of extra thought into your proposal will make saying “yes” an easy decision for her. Good luck!

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