How to Share Your Engagement Announcement

The ins and outs of formal engagement announcements

You’ve told your family and friends about your engagement, now it’s time to get the news moving through the grapevine. You might want to spread the word about your engagement through a few more public channels like:

  • Your local newspaper
  • Alumni publications (from your high school, college or university), or
  • A wedding website

Which newspapers to choose

Most couples choose to publish their engagement announcement in a few newspapers. It’s a good idea to publish the announcement in papers from both your and your fiancé’s hometowns as well as in the city where you currently live and work.

What to include in your engagement announcement

1. The requirements will vary by publication.  Each newspaper is different, so contact the lifestyle or society editor and ask about submission requirements and deadlines.

2. Details about the happy couple. Most engagement announcements include the couple’s names and their parents’ names. You can then choose to include details like where you went to school, where you work or where you met. If you have children be sure to include their names too.

3. Roughly when the wedding will be held. You may not have figured out the specifics yet, so it’s fine to hint at it by saying something like you’re planning a spring wedding, to be married next year or that you’ll be married in the bride’s hometown in the fall.

4. A picture that says a thousand words. Many publications will allow you to include an engagement photo of you and your sweetie. If you’re submitting a photo, put your name and address on the back of the picture and include a self-addressed stamped envelope so the newspaper can send it back.


Publish your engagement announcement fairly soon after you’re engaged. It can take a month or longer for the paper to publish your announcement so if you’re planning a short engagement, consider publishing a wedding announcement after your big day. The newspaper will decide when to print your announcement, which could be anywhere from six months to one month before your wedding.


You’ve got options when it comes to the wording of your engagement announcement. The announcement can come from you as a couple or from either or both sets of parents. Need help wording your announcement? Check out our helpful examples below.

From both parents
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roston of Denver, Colorado and Mr. and Mrs. James Williams of Miami, Florida are pleased to announce the engagement of their children Beth Roston and Michael Williams. Beth and Michael, both graduates of the University of Denver, are planning a summer wedding.

From divorced parents
Ms. Marilyn Elliott of Manitou Springs, Colorado and Mr. Edward Roston of Denver, Colorado are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Beth to Michael Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Williams of Miami, Florida. Beth and Michael plan to wed next summer.

If a parent is deceased
Mrs. Marilyn Roston is pleased to announce the engagement of her daughter Beth to Michael Williams. Beth is also the daughter of the late Edward Roston. Michael is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Williams of Miami, Florida. The happy couple met while pursuing degrees at the University of Denver.

On your own behalf
Beth Roston of Denver and Michael Williams of Miami are pleased to announce their engagement. Beth and Michael met at the University of Denver in 2005. The happy couple is planning a summer wedding.

Your local paper will have more advice on how other couples in your community are sharing their news. Keep an eye on the society pages to find examples of other engagement announcements that fit your situation.

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