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Picture perfect wedding cakes

Your reception just wouldn't be the same without a wedding cake. After all, it's meant as a symbol of fertility and is one of the most commonly found wedding traditions. The Ancient Romans used to bake a cake of barley or wheat and then break it over the bride's head as a sign of fertility. It also became customary to pile several small cakes to create one large tier. The bride and groom would then try to kiss over the tower of cakes without knocking it over. If they succeeded, it was a sign that their marriage would be long and prosperous.

Today, wedding cakes are more about style and taste then they are symbols of fertility. If you're a talented baker you can make your own wedding cake - not only will you save money but it will also symbolize all the love and dedication that you will put into your marriage. For those of you who aren't whizzes in the kitchen there are hundreds of unique wedding cake designs to choose from, such as the recently popular cupcake wedding cake.

Choosing a wedding cake

Choosing your wedding cake can be a difficult task with all the styles and designs available. Visit the bakery and ask for a taste test! It's the only way to sample all the various types of cakes. You'll want to consider the following in your decision:

  • Cake flavors and fillings - Almond, vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, ice cream, liqueur, fresh fruit, spice, carrot and banana are just some of the options available to tickle the taste buds of all your guests.
  • Cake frosting/icing - Fondant, butter cream, royal icing, cake decorators icing, marzipan and sugar paste or some of the sweetest choices to decorate your beautiful cake.
  • Design - You're not limited to the traditional three tiered, white wedding cake. Stacked cakes, chocolate, contemporary patterns, fresh flowers, bright colors and mini cakes are all gaining in popularity. Consider adding details such as charms, beads, ribbons or unique cake toppers for a decorative touch.

Wedding cake trends

If you want a cake that will impress your guests then check out the hottest new trends in wedding cake design:

  • Personalize it- Cakes are becoming much more personal, with custom designs, monograms and even cakes designed to match the pattern of your wedding dress.
  • Bold color - Traditional white and ivory wedding cakes are becoming less popular. What's hot are vibrant colored cakes bursting with personality - they can even be designed to matching the wedding decor.
  • Cultural traditions - The wedding cake design can be used to blend cultures and traditions. For example, Chinese calligraphy stamps can be used to create a repeating pattern for a contemporary look.
Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding cake DesignsSweet Dreams

The icing on a modern bride's cake isn't ivory anymore. It can match your wedding colors (or even match the beading, lace or embroidery pattern on your dress if you bring in a picture). The table at outdoor receptions can be graced with wedding cake toppers with fresh or confectionery flowers, satin ribbons or fresh fruit.

tips for your dream cake:

  • In the outdoor wedding cakes can melt, choose your cake carefully. Stay away from mousse and ice cream cakes.
  • Remember to order your cake at least 2 months in advance, if not 4. Always check all of your details closer to your wedding, including the cake.
  • If you are not a seasoned cake cutter, ensure you order a cake which is rectangular or oval; much easier to cut and serve.
  • It may look nice, but does it taste good too? Choose your baker with a taste test.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers Traditional wedding cakes were once tiered, white cakes with basic butter cream frosting with a plastic bride and groom on top. Today, wedding cakes should be as individual as the bride and groom.

Express your personality and sense of style with a unique wedding cake topper.

Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique Wedding CakesExpress yourself!

Make a statement with a beautiful mocha cake decorated for autumn. Add a splash of spring color to outdoor weddings with fresh flowers to decorate your sunny yellow wedding cake. These days, when it comes to wedding cake designs and decoration anything goes!

Tips for Wedding Cake Pictures

Tips for Wedding Cake Pictures
Tips and tricks for getting the best wedding cake pictures including:
  • Icings that stand the test of time
  • Cake stands - why you need them
  • Refrigeration - a must for outdoor weddings
  • The dangers of direct sunlight
  • Situating your wedding cake outdoors

  • Save on Wedding Cakes

    Ways to have your cake and eat it too. Cost saving tips include make your own wedding cake, serving cupcake wedding cakes to the guests, purchasing and economical grocery store cake an more...
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