How to Save on Wedding Cakes

Money-Saving Tips

As the costs for your wedding add up many marrying couples will not see the point on spending $200 to $2000 for a wedding cake. However, this doesn't mean your wedding should be sans wedding cake. There are many ways to have your wedding cake and eat it too - at half the price:

  • Have a small decorated cake made for display at the reception and then have a sheet cake of the same flavor made and cut in the kitchen to serve to guests.
  • Enlist the help of a talented friend or relative who's handy in the baking department. Or ask them to make your cake as your wedding gift. Homemade cakes are generally tastier then cakes from a bakery anyway.
  • Buy a cake that doesn't serve every guest, especially if your wedding caterer will be serving other desserts. Most guests will not go up for a second dessert.
  • Buy a supermarket wedding cake - they taste as good for less.
  • Order a plain cake with plain icing from your baker or supermarket and decorate with fresh flowers. The main cost involved with a wedding cake is the time it takes for your cake designer to create sugar decorations and hand-piping. To eliminate the extra cost, ask for simple cake and decorate it yourself with beautiful fresh flowers (which are cheaper then confectionary ones).
  • Purchase plain cupcakes from your baker and decorate them yourself with fresh berries or flowers. Arrange them on a cake tray just as you would a wedding cake.
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