Unique Wedding Cakes

Distinctive Designs

Unique couples needn't settle for stiff tradition when it comes to wedding cakes. In recent years the white tiered wedding cake featuring a plastic bride and groom on top seems pass compared to the sumptuous chocolate or fruit-filled creations that wedding cake designers are whipping up. Cheesecake, ice-cream, carrot and spice, mocha, mud pie and elaborately iced cakes have all be chosen by couples looking to infuse themselves in all aspects of their wedding.

Check out the following unique wedding cake ideas:

  • Multi-flavored wedding cake is a great option if you can't decide on just one flavor. If you order a three-layered wedding cake, your cake could feature a layer of chocolate fudge, a layer of French vanilla and a layer of carrot cake. Let's face it, not everyone enjoys the same piece of cake and your guests will appreciate the selection.
  • Wedding cakes with filling - Ask your baker about cake filling options. Bakers often offer a tantalizing choice of white or dark chocolate, strawberry, mocha or fruit fillings.
  • Eye-candy icing - Say good-bye to traditional white icing for your wedding cake, today dark chocolate or every vivid color imaginable can grace your reception table or match your wedding dcor.
  • Unusual wedding cake shapes - Hearts, stacks of presents, cascading staircases, woven baskets or have each layer made into a different shape - after all your wedding is supposed to be fun so your cake should too!
  • Wedding cake details - Take a picture of your wedding dress to your baker. A new trend in wedding cake design is to copy the lace, beading or embroidery detail on your wedding dress and incorporate into the icing on your cake.
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