Wedding Cake Designs

Tasty Options

A wedding cake large enough to feed 200 wedding guests can cost anywhere between $200 and $2000 dollars depending on how elaborate the design. If money is no obstacle you can have pretty much any cake designed anyway you desire.

The days of the traditional tiered, oval white wedding cake with basic butter cream frosting and a plastic bride and groom on top are pass. Today, wedding cake designers will encourage couples to choose designs that create truly unique wedding cakes. Even though the traditional white round or square wedding cake is still popular couples are choosing hexagon and heart shaped cakes as well.

A talented baker will be able to design the exact cake you desire - from a magnificent horse-drawn stagecoach to a scrumptious staircase of raspberries and dark chocolate.

Some creative wedding cake designs include:

  • A fairytale castle featuring you as the princess and your groom as prince charming.

  • A tiered wedding cake stacked to look like presents - wrapped in bows.

  • A cake topped with a cascade of fresh flowers.

  • Wedding cake edged with chocolate covered strawberries.

  • Cake shaped like a woven basket and filled with edible flowers and butterflies.

  • A sea-themed cake with painted seahorses, fish and edible seashells.

  • A cake rimed with grapevines or ivy.

  • A fall wedding cake laden with confectionary fall leaves.

  • A mud pie encircled by ladyfingers or Oreo cookies.

  • A cake picture frame cake with a screened picture of the happy couple.

  • A selection of flavored cupcakes decorated anyway you desire.
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