Tips for Wedding Cake Pictures

Capturing Your Cake

Let's face it wedding cakes don’t come cheap. Marrying couples can expect to pay between $2 and $15 dollars a slice for a picture perfect wedding cake. So along with its taste and presentation, it’s imperative that the wedding cake outlast the ceremony, pictures and the reception dinner. You will want to display your wedding cake so that guests can admire it during the reception, and many couples look to the cake to provide some traditional cake feeding photographs.

The following is some sound advice for having your wedding cake and eating it too:

  • Fondant (although a little chewy as frosting) helps preserve wedding cakes the longest, especially if they are made to sit out for an entire day.

  • The weight of multi-stacked layers of wedding cake can sink into one another when stacked directly on top of one another. An alternative is to use a tiered cake stand or situate each layer on a separate cake stand.
  • Keep the wedding cake refrigerated for as long as possible (especially for outdoor weddings.

  • If your reception venue is outdoors never choose chocolate, mouse or buttercream frostings as these melt quickly in the heat.

  • If your reception is indoors, never place your cake in a window under direct sunlight – it will melt.

  • Don’t situate your wedding cake outdoors in an open area. A swift wind can easily topple a layered wedding cake. The tablecloth could also blow upwards onto the cake or decorations and icing could be blown away or onto the bride’s dress.
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