Wedding Ceremony

The Heart of the Wedding

The wedding ceremony is the heart of the wedding. It's the reason the couple's loved ones have gathered together - to witness the wedding vows that joins the couple in matrimony. This touching expression of love, devotion and commitment has moved many a guest to tears. A wedding is one of life's most joyous occasions and many guests are honored to have shared in the special moment.

Religious wedding ceremonies are the perfect way for a couple to join together in the name of God. A beautiful expression of love and faith, a religious wedding ceremony often follows sacred and time-honored traditions that have a special significance. A religious wedding ceremony often accentuates the spiritual side of marriage and the joining of two souls.

A non-religious wedding ceremony is better suited to those of a more secular nature. While religion is not mentioned the same themes of love, trust and commitment remain. Non-religious wedding ceremonies include services that are without rituals; ceremonies that include rituals but no religious elements; and finally those that are religious in feel, but not in practice. Due the variety of styles and experiences among non-religious wedding ceremonies many include custom wedding vows.

Writing your own wedding vows allows you to express your feelings for your partner in your own words. While certain requirements should be met (for legal purposes) you are free to write vows that better reflect your hopes, dreams and expectations. If you're having trouble articulating your feelings your wedding officiant can provide suggestions. Of course, you must first choose your wedding officiant!

In addition to deciding how to get married you must also decide where to have your wedding ceremony. You may decide to get married in a church. Or you may prefer an outdoor wedding ceremony. The advantage of an outdoor ceremony is that Mother Nature provides all the necessary wedding ceremony decorations.

Lastly, decide if you would like to include additional rituals during the ceremony. A unity candle is popular for its symbolism and as a sweet way to end the ceremony. You can also honor past loved ones during the wedding ceremony. This should be done in a simple and dignified manner. There's no need to dwell on sorrow during what is a happy, joyous occasion. A wedding is a celebration of life - which your past loved ones would understand.

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