Alternatives to Throwing Rice

Wedding Rose Petals

Throwing rice is an ancient wedding tradition; it was thought that by throwing this "life giving" seed on the couple they would be blessed with many children. Being pelted with rice not only stings, but many churches forbid it on their property. It creates a big mess that the church staff are then required to clean up.

However, if you would still like the "grand exit" there are other cleaner, safer alternatives to rice.

Toss birdseed: organic and safe for the environment, birdseed provides a free meal to the birds and requires little clean up. But, if you thought rice was hard to pick out of the hair birdseed is nearly impossible!

Toss colored confetti: imagine walking through a swirl of delicate, brightly colored snowflakes - very pretty. However, like rice it causes a major mess and is difficult to brush off your clothes.

Blow bubbles: nothing evokes fond childhood memories like walking through a cloud of bubbles. They're fun, affordable and a big hit with guests. Another bonus is they cause no mess. One rare downside is that some bubbles can stain delicate materials.

Release butterflies or doves: this is a very dramatic, fairy tale type of exit. Unfortunately, birds and butterflies can be unpredictable; sometimes they don't fly as you like, or worse don't fly at all! (Butterflies in particular require warm weather). Plus, there's always the hilarious risk of someone's clothes being ruined from an "accident from the sky".

Throw rose petals: nothing is more romantic walking through a shower of velvety, delicately-scented rose petals. There is some mess involved, but it is much easier to clean up than rice. Another drawback is the cost - you'll require a lot of rose petals, which will be expensive.

Ring mini bells: the sound of ringing bells is said to bring good luck. Miniature bells are relatively affordable and the soft tinkling sound is quite pretty.

Wave sparklers: if your ceremony is in the evening this makes bright and dazzling exit. If you're having a Fourth of July wedding, this option is perfect for you!

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