How to Choose a Wedding Ceremony Site

Location, Location, Location

Your wedding ceremony site sets the tone for the entire wedding, including the wedding reception. The ceremony site is decided by the formality and style of the wedding, the season of the wedding and the guest list. Once the wedding date has been set, begin to look for your ceremony site immediately.

The wedding ceremony can be held almost anywhere; however the location will depend on whether you're having a religious or non-religious ceremony. Regardless of the wedding ceremony site expect to pay a fee to use the facilities.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing your wedding ceremony site:

  1. Is it available for the date and time you want? If there are other events that day how will it affect your wedding?
  2. Is the site large enough to hold your guests? Is there adequate parking?
  3. Does the church require couples counseling? Are you willing to attend?
  4. Do you like the wedding officiant and feel that he or she is the person you want to join you in marriage?
  5. Does the site have restrictions concerning music, flowers or photography?
  6. Who is responsible for cleaning up the site afterwards?
  7. What are the costs involved? Some ceremony sites only require a small donation, others a significant fee. Others require a permit (specifically outdoor wedding ceremony sites). Likewise you may have to pay the wedding officiant.
  8. How early can you decorate the site?
  9. Will the site be available for a rehearsal?
  10. Does the site provide any services, such as decorating the pews?

If your answers to these are satisfactory, this may be your ideal wedding ceremony site. Keep in mind that, if you're considering a church ceremony, some ministers frown on "church shopping"; they'll only perform wedding ceremonies for active members of their congregation. They may resent you choosing their church for how it looks, rather than what it can offer spiritually.

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