Honoring Past Loved Ones

Keeping Memories Alive

Although your wedding is the happiest day of your life it's easy to miss past loved ones you always thought would share your special day. While it's understandable you would want to honor the deceased it should be done in a simple and dignified manner. A wedding is a joyous occasion - which your past loved ones would understand. You can choose to honor past loved ones in a private way or publicly before all the guests.

Light a memorial candle: a single candle can be used to honor all the past loves ones of the bride and groom's families. Once the candle is lit the couple or the minister can say a few simple words such as "This candle is in honor of (name of the deceased), who the bride and/or groom miss very much and who they know is present in spirit here today." This can be followed with a short prayer.

Light a candelabra: have each of your siblings light a candle for each loved one that is no longer with you.

Offer a prayer: the minister can give a short prayer in memory of the deceased.

Special bouquets: have special bouquets placed on the altar as a silent tribute to past loved ones.

Framed photos: place a framed photo of the deceased on the altar. The bride can then pull a single flower from her bouquet and place it before the picture. If the bride lost her father or mother she may choose to carry their framed picture down the aisle. The picture can then be placed on the altar, which may or may not include a memorial candle or special bouquet.

Carry something special in your bouquet: the bride may carry something in memory of her past loved one in her bouquet. This could include their favorite flower, ribbons in the colors of their favorite sports team, or a small charm (in the shape of their favorite hobbies, passions) attached to the bouquet's handle. The favorite flower and colored ribbons could be repeated in the boutonnieres.

Recite a song or poem: read out a poem or play a song that had special meaning for the deceased.

Make a bequest: make a donation to the deceased's favorite charity.

Give a speech: acknowledge your past loved one during your wedding speech.

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