Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Decor for Your Big Day

If the ceremony sets the tone of the wedding then the decorations help set the tone for the ceremony. When you visualize your wedding chances are you imagine a beautiful church or dramatic scenery. That's where the wedding ceremony decorations come in.

The amount and lavishness of the decorations will depend largely on the ceremony site. A spectacular church with stained glass windows, rich, deep wood and elegant candelabras will require little decoration. Other churches are simpler and may require an extra decorative touch.

Think about the time of year and the day of your wedding. If you're having a Christmas wedding the church may already be decorated for the holidays. While candles add a romantic touch to an evening wedding ceremony they may not be necessary during the afternoon when there's plenty of daylight.

The easiest way to decorate a ceremony site is through flowers, bows and candles. Flowers can be placed on the altar, in topiaries at the end of each pew, or flower petals scattered along the aisle. Floral garlands along the windowsills and gracing doorways are other possibilities. Pew bows are also popular. Commonly made of tulle, these bows are tied to the ends of each pew. If there are separate chairs rather than pews they may line the back of the chairs. Pew bows can incorporate flowers, ivy or other greenery (pine cones, berries, vine wreaths). Instead of pew bows, place candles at the end of each pew. Candles can also be placed on windowsills as well as their customary spot on the altar.

If you're not having the wedding ceremony in a church there are plenty of other decoration options. Use the ceremony site for ideas. If you're having your wedding ceremony in a ski chalet with a majestic stone fireplace, consider having the ceremony before the fire. Decorate the mantel with flowers and let the flames provide the romantic lighting.

If you're having an outdoor wedding ceremony, let nature be your only decoration. How can bouquets compete with a meadow of wildflowers? And what are a few candles compared to the dramatic colors and glow of the setting sun? Simply decorate the guests' chairs with some bows or garland and let the beauty of Mother Nature do the rest.

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